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More Than Their Fair Share


Marcellus Shale Fee

A fair and sound tax policy requires that people or businesses pay for the government they use, including the cost of extracting natural gas. Yet despite the passage of a natural gas "impact fee" nearly two years ago, a few lawmakers and government union bosses insist drillers still aren't paying their "fair share." The reality is, gas companies are already paying for more than they're using.

Obama & Sebelius Visits Show Free Markets Trump Big Government


President Obama and one of his cabinet members are making separate trips to Pennsylvania this week. Their reasons for visiting couldn't be more different.

Gasland Part II: New Name, Same Propaganda

JULY 12, 2013 |  by JOHN BOUDER

Frack Attack

Remember the frackaphobic film Gasland (2010) directed by Pennsylvania native Josh Fox? Although a documentary in name, we proved the film to be largely fictional. Well the sequel, creatively titled Gasland Part II, is out, and The Washington Free Beacon has published its own illuminating fact check.

Demanding More Dollars From Drillers

MAY 20, 2013 |  by GORDON TOMB

Marcellus Shale Fee 2

Pennsylvania's new drilling impact fee has not deterred special interests from demanding more money from the state’s most prolific producers of new energy.

Free-market Gas Outshines Subsidized Solar

APRIL 9, 2013 |  by GORDON TOMB

One news story highlights hundreds of jobs lost and millions of taxpayer dollars down the drain via corporate welfare. Another celebrates millions of new state revenue and free market job creation. This contrast offers a lesson for lawmakers.

Energy 101

Pennsylvania has always been a leading provider of America's energy. From timber and coal to the nation's first commercial oil well, and now the Marcellus Shale boom, traditional energy is vital to our state's economy.

But these industries, and the prosperity that accompanied them, are now threatened because they have become politically unpopular. Instead of entrepreneurship and the responsible development of natural resources, today's energy companies are rewarded on the basis of their lobbying.

EnergyFactsPA, a project of the Commonwealth Foundation, provides a guide to the key energy and environmental issues facing Pennsylvania. 

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